SUBRAYADOS: The Lady who liked clean Rest Rooms

Escrito en 1998 por James Patrick Donleavy, The Lady Who Liked Clean Rest Rooms: The Chronicle of One of the Strangest Stories Ever to be Rumoured About Around New York, es la historia de Jocelyn Jones: una mujer madura cuya vida cambia intempestivamente. El bienestar económico en el que estaba inmersa se esfuma, quedándose sin ningún tipo de sustento monetario. Sola. Los días transcurren y  justo cuando ella creía que todo había terminado, su vida cambia. Intempestivamente. Curiosamente. Otra vez.

“There was no doubt that her involvement with the arts had immeasurably improved her contentment. And now that she was getting used to it, she minded less being alone when she was alone. And in fact now felt her isolation more when out in public with other people around. But with her walked the images she loved made by great painters, their colours and forms colouring and framing her life”.

““My dear, anticipation makes you stop looking back in regret but meanwhile, don’t believe all this equality rubbish, your snobberies are the most preciously valuable asset you will ever have in life, cherish them well. Avoid unbrave men and when you’re far away from your own trusted lavatory, only go to the cleanest places to take a pee””.

“Why do guys always have to assume a girl is looking for a fuck when all she wants first is a peace and quiet while she has a long hot bath and maybe dreams through a fashion magazine. And a few roses would help. And a endearment whispered in the ear. And then maybe she wants a fuck”.

“Earthquakes only remind again that one is so painfully lonely. Needing so desperately to talk to someone free of charge instead of being rejected”.

“Because she might never be again anyone ever again who anyone like that romantic young couple would want to meet”.

“But tonight no matter what it cost she would buy two bottles of beer. Lonely drink them both by candlelight. Then early to bed. And it’s all amazing. Albeit on a lighter note. How when one is able to indulge the luxury of beginning one’s life again.

All one thinks

To do

Is end it”

Captura de pantalla 2014-04-22 a la(s) 17.16.25

Ilustración de Elliot Banfield

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