Your life begins at the end of your comfort zone

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. So in the moment that I start feeling uncomfortable, I go ‘oh, there’s that feeling of discomfort again, yes – bring it on!’. I am actually comfortable in my discomfort. If that can make any sense. Divine dichotomy. I find comfort in my discomfort. That ‘ahm, ahm, I’m not really sure, I’m not really sure’ means that I’m absolutely sure. It means that the highest part of myself is speaking to me in a way that vibrates through every cell of my body that I used to call discomfort and that I know call a signal from the divine. Move in to that. No away from it. Every time I have denied myself the experience of my own greatness it’s because I’ve moved away from rather than into my discomfort… and locked myself out of my place of joy. Not once in a while. Not now and then. Every. Single. Time. Capisce?”.  

― Neale Donald Walsch. 

Diptic Volcán Iztaccíhuatl, Puebla/México; abril 2014.


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